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Wind River Ranch‘s Kids and Teens Programs are done incredibly well and changed up each year.  There is not another dude ranch that is willing to hire the staff needed to pull off a little buckaroo program, a kids club, a jr. high club and high school program. WRR is committed to get the best staff that are out there, are willing to break up the program into the best age appropriate groups, and are working to make sure your children have the best vacation EVER!  As the Executive Director, I just smile when one of our new guests mention that they want to come to Wind River Ranch this year and go to Disney or the beach the next year. I already know that this won‘t be the case if they really ask the kids to choose following their week at Wind River Ranch. This is kid heaven and they have a blast. This is why families return year after year. There isn‘t another vacation out there that appeals to everyone like this one does.

Again, Wind River Ranch hires the best young adults and many of them are past or current guests kids returning to serve here at the ranch. These counselors have all gone through a tough screening process, are top-notch and are here to serve your family like all of our staff. These are the kinds of young adults that you want your children to not just be around, but you would like them to look up to as great examples. The programs are top-notch, starting from the top on down.

Little Buckaroos
This program is for the 1 month old children to 2 years old children. If we have any little ones this age at the ranch, we will match each child up with our staff. They will do activities where the counselors just focus on them and care for each child. You know the young adults or family who you would trust to look after your child; we do too. We will put a wonderful counselor in charge of carefully watching your child. You can check on them as often as you would like too and pick them up as early as you would like each day. Our hope is to give the mother and father a little bit of down time if they would like us to do this.

Kids Club
This program is for 2 year olds through 9 year old children. Each day they meet in the Cocoa Cabana and head out at 9:30 am with our Kids Club counselors for daily adventures Monday - Friday. They will play a variety of games, make daily arts and crafts, learn important biblical lessons, play in the recreation hall, go on scavenger hunts, play on the play ground, attend a closely watched pool party (you are welcome to attend), search for hidden treasures, act in a black and white old west movie that they get to keep, learn about horses, ride horses, participate in the ranch carnival and just have a blast being a kid.

Pre-Teens Club
This is for the young teens whose ages are from 10 through 13 years old. The teens will be with an incredible counselor who plans out an incredible week of activities, lessons and events with your children. The teens will learn about horses, go on horse rides, go off property on a staff guided hikes (parents approval), take an afternoon excursion into town for go-carts and putt-putt (parents approval), do a variety of ice-breakers and participate in daily bible studies and discussions. The Wind River Ranch staff is there to help your teen have an incredible vacation and just invest into them. We hope the staff as a whole will set forth an example that the young teens will notice and immulate.

Teens Club
This is for teens ages 14 - 18. These young adults will be with an incredible counselor who sits down with the group of teens at the start of each week and they plan out the activities for the week together. Believe it or not, the teens program will be something that your teen will want to attend. They will have similar activities to the pre-teens. We have found that each group of teens have different activities that they like and WRM stays away from setting one program that fits all. We listen to the group and then set the program. The Teens Program continues to be a huge success with this style program.


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