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“We knew this would be good, but it has exceeded our best expectations. I have hope for the future because of what I have seen in this staff this week.”

– J. Heinrichs – Idaho

“We had to save our money to take this vacation. We could not afford to come. This has exceeded our wildest expectations and well worth the investment.”

– S. Kotovosky – Maryland

“I would rather come back to Wind River Ranch next summer than go to Disney World.”

– L. Schumacher , age 8, Texas

“You know what you are about and it really shows. We love you all. Love just might catch on. Wow. You are so sincere, so real, so kind. Words cannot describe how it was. It has to be experienced.”

– S. Bayer – Kansas

“The problem is that we do not know how we are ever going to top this vacation. We have never had a vacation like this.”

– L. Harris – Texas

“Our spiritual batteries have been recharged by the natural beauty of Wind River Ranch, and our Christian walk has been redefined by Psalm 15. The amazing transformation of a group of strangers into a “family”” in one short week is truly amazing. You would have thought that this was a family reunion with grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins delighting in each other‘s presence. That is the feeling that I get in the dining hall after fireside. I think that is what heaven will be like- joy, fellowship, acceptance. If a stranger walked in they would have a hard time figuring out what children belonged to what family!”

– J.McIntyre -Louisiana

“I feel like this is a family here. We feel so welcome…This week will change my life if I let it.”

– L. Hinson – Florida

“I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for the Kingdom. I enjoyed the Bible studies very much and your love for the Lord is evident. It is just wonderful to be in the Body of Christ with such fine people.”

– J. Flemming – Missouri

(from J. Carr from Tyler, Texas who renamed a room in his house to “Windows of the Soul” in honor of our speaker that week. He promised that it will be his place now to spend more time with Jesus every day.) “It has been some time since Wind River Ranch and I find myself with ample reflective time today. The memory and experiences of that week linger in my heart and mind forever. I am excited about my current spiritual journey of the past few years trying to live more fully as the days present themselves with opportunities to see, experience, and share God. But it remains a constant challenge to find time alone. I am learning to appreciate, guilt free, your daily short messages or “windows” of experiences with God. I wanted to share a little of my “windows” room with you and give you an open invitation to see it.”

– J. Carr – Texas

“It’s been a month since we arrived a the ranch and began one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Each of you touched us deeply in your own unique way, and we left with a spiritual depth that will leave us forever grateful…God has blessed you all with the gift of helping others grow as they travel along life’s journey. As Kyle reminded us on the day before we left, one never truly leaves a place they love- they take a part with them and they leave something of themselves behind. Wind River will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

– D. Fiedler – Wisconsin

“Something happened the first night we arrived that was not planned that set the tone for the entire week. I went to the office late and found the staff and work crew praying for all the guests that week. That was astounding. We really felt God’s presence here.”

– B. Franke – Missouri

“I have been convicted this week. I do a lot of service, but I am not a servant like this staff. I am going home and become a servant.”

– J. Hartman – Texas

“This has been the most phenomenal week of our life. We are going home and find a local church to get involved in. Thanks for loving on us.”

– K. Freidrich – Massachusetts

“All you staff people need to call your parents and thank them for telling you about the love of Jesus Christ.”

– J. Gustafson – Alabama

“There sure is a lot of Jesus in Colorado.”

– R. Wigley, age 6, Illinois

“This place is inspiring. It’s the staff that sets this place apart from all others. They don’t work here. They serve here.”

– C. Taylor – Texas

“Well, Julia and I were blown away with Wind River Ranch. We are also very excited to know that the Indian word “Tahosa” means refrigerator magnet. Hootenanny will have a new definition, Kylenanny. Julia and I both want a copy of the song book as we were making up lyrics to our favorite tunes this past week…The one thing we both felt was the feeling of “coming home” and “family” warmth. Thanks again and a big “YOOOO BUBBA” to the staff.was right, Wind River Ranch is a life changing trip.”

– B. Stanwood – Texas

“This has been so wonderful for our family. In the midst of a challenging season in our lives, your hospitality has given us a much needed rest. More importantly, your flexibility and desire to accommodate us is so obviously a living example of our servant Lord. What a refreshing experience this has been. This has been a gift from God and a reminder of His love.”

– C. Cooper – Washington

“Thank you for serving us this summer at Wind River Ranch. The welcome was especially fun. We felt like royalty with our own private “stunt show” and you even helped us unload our car. No one has ever done that before! We had an incredible week. But you guys were the ones that made it totally awesome. You were so enthusiastic, warm, and friendly. We felt like part of a big family…You were Jesus with skin on to us. Always there, serving us with a smile. On more than one occasion during free time when Rob was horseback riding with the boys, staff members would push Emily up the hill for me. I never had to ask. They just showed up out of nowhere. Are you sure you didn’t have angels working for you? Our family has not stopped talking about Wind River. We would recommend it to anyone!”

L. Favaro – Colorado

“I asked everyone what was their favorite thing at the ranch. They said, “We loved the square dancing, horseback riding (including Brownie), hootenanny, the hayride, kid’s club, Olympics, climbing wall, children’s rodeo and the wrangler breakfast.”

– L. Favaro – Colorado

“We had such a wonderful time at Wind River Ranch last week. It was a highlight of our lives. I am sorry I was so emotional and couldn’t speak at fireside on Friday night. I wanted to say, “This and heaven too! Wow!” It was with mixed emotions when we left Saturday morning. We are so grateful to God for allowing me to bring my family, saying good bye to many new friends, and sadness in leaving such a wonderful and beautiful place.

– J. Redding – Texas

“What you people are doing is so very exceptional in this materialistic, hectic life most people lead. Thank you so much for all your kindness. We will be back.”

– B. Cavanaugh – Texas

“I am sorry I didn’t get up at fireside Friday night to let you all know what an encouragement you have been to me. Our family has been dealing with grief and going through a healing process for the past 14 months. Our 17 year old son drowned in the ocean while we were on a mission trip last summer. God has been with us for every moment of this process…We have witnessed God’s power and His love more in the last 14 months than ever before. I could go on and tell you many more stories about how God has worked, but for now I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for your love, your witness, and your encouragement. We will pray for each of you and the ministry of Wind River Ranch. Keep on going in Christ.”

– S. Hanttula – Michigan

“Coming to the ranch for a second year was a different experience for me. Our visit last year was the first time we had ever been to Colorado in the summer. The majesty of God‘s creation was so overpowering, it appropriately took center stage in my experience. I left last year with a deeper appreciation of God‘s grace. This year, the surroundings are just as majestic, but as a second timer to the ranch, it‘s the PEOPLE at the ranch that have most impacted my experience. This year I could better appreciate the strong, solid current of abiding Christian service and commitment that permeates the whole ranch. Although the ranch would not be the same without the spectacular surroundings, it‘s the PEOPLE at the ranch…you are all an inspiration!”

– B. Beacham – Louisiana

“I was a guest at the ranch last week and I cannot tell you what a week it was. People at home ask how was your vacation and all I can say is it was great, wonderful, unbelievable. I am unable to put into words how great, wonderful, or unbelievable it was. What an experience! You are such a great witness for Christ. I do not think I have ever seen a group of people so well demonstrate the qualities of Christ. I could feel Christ all around the ranch, in the mountains, in the smiles of the people, and in the firesides. I hope you have continued success and I hope to see you all soon.

– T. Zuber – Pennsylvania

“I encourage the staff to remain strong and courageous in their servanthood, not just enduring, but persevering toward the goal of the glory of Jesus Christ. In the words of my hero, Lou Gehrig- ‘When you look around, wouldn‘t you consider it an honor to be just associated with the men standing in uniform in this ballpark today?‘ I‘ll tell you now, for each person on staff that I have known for any length of time, I truly say that each one of you have had a lasting impression on my heart; one which will be forever remembered through laughter and tears. Through the times of joy and pain, we have fought to make this place a house of God. I will pray for you always, and I‘ll promise you this: I‘ll carry on. Carry on brothers and sisters.”

– N. Dean (staff) – Texas

“Thank you for your hospitality this weekend. However, as grateful as I am for that, I’m so much more grateful for the loving care and concern you have showered Tommy with. Sending him off to school this fall would have not been possible without the chance he was given by all of you. You are preparing him to be a warrior for Christ, and I believe he sees that plan for himself. Thank you for the time to speak Friday night. I wanted the work crew to know how their friendship and countenance had effected Tommy. I want both of you and Kyle and John and Rob to know how eternally grateful I am. Bless you for taking a chance on Tommy. It has changed his life.

– C. Jones – Texas

“As I look around here in Dallas, I dream of next summer and the past June that I had at Wind River Ranch. Wow, what an amazing experience! The best I have ever had. When I think of the ranch, I think of heaven and how wonderful it must be. What can be more perfect than Wind River Ranch?…You guys are doing an awesome job. God is looking down and smiling big at Wind River Ranch. I am thinking and praying for all of you everyday. Colossians 3:23-24”

– A. Turner (staff) – Texas

“Memories of the best family experience we have ever had. Thank you seems so inadequate for all the joy and love we found at Wind River. We are so grateful to you and the entire staff for showing us hearts like Christ. Our family has been blessed in untold ways from the week with you. The boys still pray for Brownie every night, and I for one am just thrilled to have survived my first rafting trip. You are true servants of our Lord. Our love to everyone there.

– K. Seeber – Texas

“Wind River was a window of light for my soul! Makes me ever mindful of my place in this life. Having endured the hardship and sadness of the dying of my best friend and father of my children on one side of the window and the love and support of caring people on the other side doing what they can do to serve me fills me with joy. The memories of the trip afforded us will be treasured always. I was especially touched by the graciousness of the good people at Wind River Ranch. It was nice having a placid place such as Wind River to rest and heal which provided harmony to my soul. Thank you.

– G. Pratt – California