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Sous Chef

The sous chef is typically staffed by an individual who has significant experience in a kitchen, has some professional training or attending culinary school, and is considering a career in food service. The sous chef must be able to manage the kitchen and wait staff, making sure that food, sanitation, and safety standards are being upheld when the head chef is absent. The sous chef will assist the head chef and breakfast chef in preparing dishes for every meal. We will usually have at least two guests with dietary needs each week, so having a knowledge of special dietary cooking and baking, such as avoiding gluten, dairy, soy, corn, etc. is very helpful. As well as some knowledge of preparing vegetarian, and in rare circumstances, vegan food.  Computer knowledge is helpful in the case that you will have to place food orders, but not necessary.

We have one sous chef each summer. This person needs to have experience and skill in the kitchen, a servant’s heart, a willingness to lead, and the ability to follow the directions of the chef.

As with all of our staff, an active and mature faith in Jesus Christ is the most important ingredient for a successful staff member. This is a seasonal position only.