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Healing Warriors

Since 2013, we have had the honor of ministering to injured veterans, first responders and their families.

Family starring at the American flag.

These dedicated weeks during our summer season bring warriors together to heal, to reconnect with their families, and to create a community with one another. These weeks are very powerful as families spend quality time together and with God.


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Warriors and Their Time at the Ranch

Wind River is nothing short of awesome! Our lives are forever changed because of the memories you guys created. Prior to our arrival, my marriage of 19 years had been through a lot. My wife and I chose jobs that are high-stress, never thinking about the toll it takes over the years. When I started in law enforcement, times were different. I was appreciated and treated with respect. I think the greatest gift of the Wind River, was knowing people still care. We left with a whole new refreshing outlook on life and our walk with Christ.

The Brettell Family

Healing Warriors, 1st Responder

Warriors and Their Time at the Ranch

When I was at the ranch it was the first time since having kids that I felt safe and at ease. My boys were able to meet the man their mom fell in love with. When I consider the over-the-top hospitality, along with the love we felt from the staff, and the excellence in attention to detail in everything, the only response I can give is that “It might be the closest thing to Heaven one could experience here on Earth.” I can’t state that strongly enough. This trip reminded my family that God loves us, God cares for us and God is always with us.

The Thomas Family

Healing Warriors, 1st Responder

Warriors and Their Time at the Ranch

I don't think I can pick just one moment or thing we loved the most... Horseback riding, horse lessons, kids club, the food, the staff, meeting new friends, bible study, the view, the hiking... this little spot on that mountain is something special that words cannot begin to explain. As a family unit, it was the most memorable week of our lives!

The Lewis Family

Healing Warriors, Veteran

Warriors and Their Time at the Ranch

God led in our time at the ranch and once again proved how detailed-oriented He is in our lives. We met Pastor Curtis House at the ranch, which has a church in Amarillo, Texas. We have begun going to his church, which is extremely focused on discipleship and the family. I believe our connection with Curtis and Josh (who also is a pastor there) was no coincidence - the setting at the ranch was a considerable part of our connection with our new church home.

The Mays Family

Healing Warriors, 1st Responder