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Babies, Kids & Teens Friendly Vacation in Colorado

Kid-Friendly Vacations With A Family-Friendly Focus

Our Children’s Program Is Designed For Every Stage Of Your Child’s Life – And Yours!

{Yes, We Take Care of Your Babies and Toddlers Too!}

At Wind River Ranch, we take the care of your entire family’s needs and desires seriously. We know that kids and teens need the time and space to play and explore with kids of their own ages and interests, that infants need to be coddled and swooned, and that everyone in your family needs a chance to experience spiritual rejuvenation and unplugged happy downtime in Nature. 

We know that parents need this time and space more than ever ~ and we’ve designed our kids programs to rejuvenate your spirit and give your kids the rare freedom of experiencing ranch life in a safe and satisfying Christian Vacation Environment.

Our Ministry Is Dedicated To Giving Families Time To Reconnect

We understand that your daily life is generally busy and stressful and a great part of the focus of our ministry is to create a truly restorative vacation experience for every member of your family that gives you all the time and space you need to relax, recharge, and reconnect as a family ~ without the busyness and distractions of your usual daily life. 

This is a truly stress-free vacation for you and your children that is designed to make your family closer and stronger ~ within a loving Christian environment that fosters the time and space to make lasting family memories.

Our Counselors And The Daily Care Of Your Children

At Wind River Ranch, we consider ourselves to be loving servants of Christ, and our counselors are no exception. Besides making sure your children are safe and having a blast, our counselors are great role models, many of whom were guests at the ranch when they were children.

All of our counselors have also gone through a tough screening process and rigorous training and they excel at creating a wide variety of fun and exciting activities~ from morning to night.

So whether they choose to hang out at the Tweens club or go horseback riding with our amazing wranglers, your kids will find both the elbow room and latitude they need to explore freely, combined with the supervision and security you need to ensure they have a wonderful and safe experience in the great outdoors.

A boy sitting on the wheelbarrow and kids pushing the wheelbarrow
Kids watching the man riding on a horse
Kids playing on the sand

Little Buckaroos Means Baby Vacations!

This program is for children ages 1 month to 2 years. Each child in this age category receives one ­on ­one care from a highly qualified counselor. Activities are matched to each child’s needs and abilities. You are free to check on the children as often as you like, and you can pick them up anytime. Our Little Buckaroos program lets you relax, knowing your precious little bundle is in safe, loving and experienced arms while you are given the time to take care of yourself for a while!

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A boy smiling

The Kids Club

The kids club is designed for children ages 2 through 9 years. Each day, they will meet at the Cocoa Cabana and head out at 9:30 am with our Kids Club counselors for a variety of adventures and activities. The children play a variety of games, make arts and crafts, learn important biblical lessons, go on scavenger hunts, play on the playground and in the recreation hall, attend a pool party (parents are welcome), act in a black and white old west movie that they get to keep, learn about horses, ride horses, participate in the ranch carnival, and form lasting friendships, all while having a blast just being kids.

Kids Club counselor playing with a kid

Pre­-Teens Club

This if for young teens ages 10 through 13 years. The pre-­teens enjoy a week of incredible activities, lessons, and events planned by their counselor. They will learn about horses, go on horse rides, go off property on staff­guided hikes, take an afternoon excursion into town for go­cars and putt­putt, do a variety of icebreakers, and participate in daily Bible studies and discussions. The Wind River Ranch staff is there to help your children have an incredible vacation, and invest in them. We aim to set forth an example of living the word of God that your children will notice and emulate.

Three Pre-Teen girls in wind river ranch

Teens Club

This program is for teens ages 14 through 18 years. Each week, the counselor sits down with the group of teens to plan the week’s activities. The teenagers are given a real sense of ownership in the planning, and the activities are catered to suit the style and needs of each group. Besides having a blast doing fun activities like horseback riding, excursions into town, learning about horses, and off property hikes, the teens gain self­confidence and a sense of responsibility. Through daily Bible studies and discussions their relationship with God is strengthened, and they have a truly meaningful vacation.

Three teen girls in off property hikes