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Baby Vacations in Estes Park, Colorado

Wind River Ranch is an ideal vacation for families with young children and babies. It is common for new guests to want to wait till all of their children are 7 to book at a dude ranch. This is a great approach, but families who have come with their younger children have found this to be an ideal program for little children to enjoy vacation and to also give the parents some down time too. The parents can enjoy all the luxury of our resort amenities and activities while their children and babies are cared for while they enjoy all the wonderful playgrounds, facilities, pony rides, etc. that the ranch offers. As one of the only ranch resorts in the country with a *fully staffed* nursery, recently constructed in 2012, and our wonderful staff available for babysitting and all your child care needs, Wind River Ranch is quickly becoming one of most sought after and idyllic destinations in the country for baby vacationers.

Our attentive staff look after your child with the highest level of care while you get time to relax or reconnect with other family members. This program is for children ages 1 month to 2 years of age and each child receives care from incredible counselors. The nursery activities are enjoyed by your little ones and parents are free to leave infants in the care of our loving staff all morning, or pick them up at their convenience.

Our program ensures that your precious little bundle of joy are cared for in loving and experienced arms while you are given the time to enjoy all the ranch has to offer and for the parents to get time as a family and time away from the little ones for a bit each day. This is an incredible baby vacation. Do not wait, come make memories as a family now.