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Disabled Veterans/Military Scholarship Application

pdf Disabled Veterans/Military Scholarship Application

Healing Warriors Application

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  • Thank you for applying to the Healing Warriors Family Retreat at Wind River Ranch. We have had the honor of ministering to the families of our service men and women who have been injured during their time in the Armed Forces and/ or Public Service through various programs including Healing Warriors since 2013. Due to the nature of our program each application will be reviewed through the scholarship committee in order to fill the limited number of slots available.

    Testimonies from past Heroes have confirmed that this vacation experience at the ranch offered them a peaceful and beautiful place to heal and be a family. Wind River provides an amazing environment for our heroes and their families to find comfort during their mountaintop experience.

    Some of the things you will experience at the ranch are:

    - Godly Christian environment in all we do and a Christ-centered staff that is grateful to serve you and bless you with an incredible week. There will be a guest speaker here during your week complete with optional morning studies.

    - The Great Outdoors while in the Colorado Mountains is something every family should experience. There will be kids of all ages having fun exploring and playing around the ranch. The sounds of kids having fun outside and winding down when they get exhausted is to be expected. The Ranch expects parents to monitor and supervise their kids while they are enjoying the ranch during the free time hours.

    - The dining hall is rustic and quaint while entertaining 75 guests and staff. This is where everyone will sit together to enjoy excellent meals prepared by a trained Chef. It is a great space, but a tight space and it is typically very lively.

    - The ranch offers one of the best mountain views in the state at an elevation of over 9,000 ft. The ranch air is clean, but it’s also thin. It will be important to stay hydrated with water before and during your stay due to high altitude.

    - There is, virtually, no cell phone service but there is limited WIFI available, however, the bandwidth available is very minimal. This provides excellent opportunities for face to face time, but it can be a bit of a change from all the technology options at home. This provides opportunities for guests to enjoy connecting with their family, spouse, kids, staff or other guests in person.

    - The horses and other animals add tremendous value to the ranch experience. You will love the horse program and the wranglers who serve there. Please check with your doctor for approval prior to coming to the ranch if you are pregnant or have any medical issues that horseback riding may exasperate. Horseback riding is optional.

    - Here at the ranch, we love dogs too, however, due to medical and facility concerns we are not able to allow therapy dogs on the ranch at this time. If you feel you medically require your dog, you can request a variance in an email to aaron@windriverranch.com, but this is a policy we try to keep consistent with all of our guests. We hope you will be able to find someone at home to take care of your dog while you are enjoying your vacation with us.

    - With recent marijuana laws in our state, we want to clarify up front that we are a drug free private ranch and do not permit any form of marijuana on property. The smoking of cigarettes, vaping, and cigars is only permitted outside the cabins on your porch.

    - We have so many heroes wanting to come and bring their families as guests, we want to make sure that the heroes and guests chosen to take one of the spots are committed to coming. There are families and individuals nationwide giving money to cover all the expenses for you and your family once you arrive and we want to make sure that all of our spaces are filled.

    - Thanks for your service and sacrifice and we hope you and your family are chosen to attend one of these amazing family ranch weeks.

  • Short Answer Questions

  • We ask that you please look through this list and ask yourself if any of these policies will cause any problems for you and your family. We provide this list not to discourage you from coming, but to protect you. We want you and everyone in your family to feel comfortable. We love offering these special weeks and hope to continue to do so for years to come. We have a multitude of heroes to serve and thank.

    If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact the ranch and visit with the Director, Don McIntyre at Don@windriverranch.com or contact the Healing Warriors Coordinator, Aaron Scarborough at aaron@windriverranch.com. We feel so blessed to serve our nation’s heroes. Thank you for your service.

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • (Retired/medically retired/separated- Please provide a copy of your VA ID and your disability rating letter with this application)
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  • Please mark by the week that works best for your schedule if you are chosen for 2021.
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  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, jpg, png, jpeg.