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Wind River Ranch is an incredible place for young adults to serve in the summer. You will wake up each morning in one of the most beautiful settings in the country, make friends that will last a lifetime, and know that God is using you to make an eternal impact in the lives of families. What could be better?

To work on the summer staff of Wind River Ranch, you need to be between the ages of 18 and 24 for most positions and be willing to work very hard. You will be hired for a specific job (see list below), but you will also have the opportunity to experience other areas of the ranch as well. Wranglers help out with housekeeping, the maintenance crew pitches in at the barn, everyone is on the dish schedule, etc – we are strong believers in working together. Our hours are long, before breakfast till 8:30-9:30 pm every night, and the work is often hard. If it sounds challenging…it is! But as our returning staff would tell you, and we return 60-70% of our staff each summer, that the work is worth it.

While we work hard, we also play hard. We typically have Saturday afternoon, evening, and Sunday morning off. During that time we will go into Estes Park to hang out, shop, and eat, go hiking, go to the rodeo, stay at the ranch and swim, play basketball and volleyball and relax, or any number of things. Our activities are always as a group, or a few small groups – playing together, as well as working together builds unity and strengthens the relationships within our staff. On Sunday mornings we sleep in a little bit, go to church in Estes Park, and then get ready for the next guests.

In addition to providing a wonderful experience for our guests, we hope that our staff grows in their relationship with Christ. We begin each morning with devotionals and a weekly worship night. These are amazing times to study God’s word, interact with one another, and pray together. God will change your life as you serve Christ by serving the guests of Wind River Ranch.

As a staff member of Wind River Ranch, you will eat very well and live in comfortable living facilities. We have a strict policy of not pursuing a relationship with a co-worker or guest while working at Wind River Ranch. This is to keep the staff’s focus on serving the guests and growing in their own spiritual walk. We also do not allow tobacco, drugs, or alcohol to be consumed or used by our summer staff.


We do not have any open staff positions at this time!

Below are the positions we are  accepting applications for for the 2021 season.

Executive Chef Kid’s Club Leader (ages 8 & under)
Sous Chef Tweens Leader (ages 9-12)
Breakfast Chef Teens Leader (ages 13 & up)
Prep Chef Housekeeping
 Wrangler Wait Staff


To apply for summer staff positions at Wind River Ranch, please fill out the New Staff Application.

New Seasonal Staff Application

Sous Chef/ Prep Chef Application

Volunteer Application

If you have problems with the link or have any questions about the hiring process, please email the Aaron Scarborough at aaron@windriverranch.com or call, 970-586-4212.