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Speaker Quotes

I suppose the greatest investment that someone can make in life, in terms of ‘horizontal’ relationships on earth, is to invest in one’s family. The sad reality is that often, in our busy world, we invest leftover emotional energy and time in the ones we love the most. Families need to get away, refocus, redirect, and think about the ultimate priorities in life. That’s what Wind River is all about. For us it has served as a bench mark along our life’s family journey, a reminder that life is short, beautiful, and impossible without God. Not to mention, a lot of fun when it’s spent loving each other on top of a mountain! This is stuff lifetime memories are made of.”

Jeff Warren – Senior pastor,  First Baptist Church,  McKinney, Texas

I often discover God’s will and way in little things. God does speak in a still, small voice. Over the months that have passed since August, I can close my eyes and return to that state of grace and peace of Wind River Ranch. My need to return to that place is just as constant and needful as the multitude of hummingbirds that I saw all week long. All over the ranch there are hummingbird feeders filled with nectar. I’m drawn to the experience of Wind River Ranch time and again each week even as those hummingbirds are drawn to the feeders. In the span of just one of fifty-two weeks, we receive the assurance that even a mustard seed of time together as a family can make all the difference. We treasure our time there. May we all discover or rediscover our call to love God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and our neighbor as ourselves.

Keith Boone – Senior pastor,  First United Methodist Church,  Rockwall, Texas

Invest in your family and your relationship with God.

Wind River Ranch will take your breath away. This will be the best week of your life from the moment you arrive. More than you will be able to fit into a Daytimer- memories that will last a lifetime. Your families experiences will be fertile seeds that will continue to grow, bearing wonderful fruit, nurturing your family throughout the year.

Time? We needed to slow down and watch the baby colt come into the world; watch majestic elk nibble beside the hot tub and pick that special tea bag for an afternoon cup of overdue halt to an otherwise fast paced world. Get ready to go for a walk in the sweetness of intimate time together. Just enjoying each other for who God created you to be. It will happen here.

Kids and family, our most precious investment of time well spent. We are not counting the days until school is out- but still we are in view of the snowcap of Long’s Peak from our cottage window at Wind River Ranch again this summer.”

Jim Behling – Director of Deer Creek Camp,  New Braunfels, Texas

Wind River Ranch is the perfect mountain vacation. The beauty, serenity and charm will refresh you. The attention and creativity of the staff will spoil you. The time with God will revitalize you. The experience of Wind River Ranch will draw you back again.”

Dr. Bill Brewer – Senior Pastor, Richland Bible Fellowship, Richardson, Texas

I went to Wind River during a week in the summer of 1998, not knowing what to expect, really, besides a few days in the scenic mountains of Colorado. What I came away with was a renewed spirit, a refreshed body, and a scrapbook of wonderful memories that will live on in our family for years to come. We can’t wait to get back.”